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Cycling Apparel

It's no secret that cycling is our life-long passion at Primal. From our inspired and functional cycling apparel for men and women to our conscientious customer service, our passion for cycling is reflected in all we do. We take our sense of adventure and transform it into bike apparel that highlights every cyclist's unique sense of style. Feel comfortable and confident wearing our cycling clothing as you navigate the open road as well as the rest of life's journeys.

At Primal, we know from experience which clothing features help to elevate cycling gear to the next level. From adding breathable mesh material that makes it easier to cool down while working up a sweat, to incorporating ergonomic panels that compress muscle groups to improve strength and endurance, our cycling apparel is created with your comfort and peak performance ability in mind. Plus, most of our cycling gear is seamless to minimize unnecessary friction while you're out exploring the world. After all, comfort is a key ingredient to having the time of your life.

Looking for specialized cycling gear? We've created unique lines of cycling apparel to showcase your other passions, such as Rock & Roll, Military and Major League Baseball. Take a peek at these collections and combine your love for cycling with your passion for music, the armed forces and America's "other" favorite pastime. Or you can help support a cycling cause, such as Bike MS or League of American Bicyclists by visiting the Cause Apparel page. After all, a person can never have too many passions to explore and now you can literally wear your passion on your sleeve.

We recognize that life is full of activities and fun awaits around every corner. We know you don't always have time to change out of your cycling clothing before heading to the next adventure on your list and, luckily with Primal, you don't have to worry about a wardrobe swap. Our cycling apparel is comfortable enough to wear while working out as well as stylish enough to wear while running errands. From fashionable zip-up hoodies to basic tees, this urban cycling apparel can be worn for exercise or any other casual activity, from grocery shopping to grabbing a bite to eat.

Are you ready to begin your next big adventure? Shop Primal's collection of cycling apparel, created exclusively for those who ride the extra mile.

Choose Adventure. Choose Passion. Choose Primal.