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Playing Into Your Passion at a Fraction of the Price

We get it, you want a riding wardrobe that has the quality and function of Primal Wear, but at the faction of the regular cost. Well, we have just what you want. You’ve discovered our discount cycling clothing page where we have steep discounts of up to 75 percent on closeout cycling apparel. We like to keep this area stocked up and do our best to add new styles on a regular basis. We think you’ll like the discount cycling clothing items we’ve added here and know that you’ll have a blast adding cycling jerseys, bike shorts, accessories and more to your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Closeout Cycling Apparel – Men & Women’s Cycling Gear

Closeouts can mean big savings on cool clothes. Check out our collection of discount cycling clothing for deals on men’s and women’s cycling gear. Our cycling apparel outlet has a wide selection of jerseys, shorts and more in a variety of styles. Whether you're a traditionalist or you prefer you’re cycling gear to be a little fresh and fab, you'll find great deals on a style that fits your personality. Choose a style from our cycling apparel outlet that fits your vibe and save a few bucks while you're at it.

You Won’t Trade Quality for Price at Primal

Just because it has a closeout price doesn't mean it has closeout quality. We simply have to make room for new styles and you can benefit by getting last season's styles at a lower price! Like all our cycling gear, this closeout cycling apparel is made using high quality fabrics that include special features to help you go the distance. From ergonomic panels that aid in muscle compression to material that wicks moisture away from you skin, you can find what you need to reach your full potential in the cycling apparel outlet.

Our discount cycling clothing is calling your name and practically begging you to put it to good use. Help a piece of clearance cycling clothing find a new home today! The closeout cycling apparel will be one step closer to fulfilling their destiny and you'll be ecstatic about your great deal on the best cycling clothing. Now everyone is happy!